49 / 52 : “Happy Day”

Spring is here…finally, sort-a. This is my husbands Spring Break from work, and for the most part, the high temperatures are in the 50’s. However, on the day we arrived home from spending a wonderful Easter weekend with my in-laws, the weather was so gorgeous we had to get outside! Yesterday we grabbed some bubbles, my son’s airplane, a blanket…and NO jackets, HELLO…then headed over to Colonial Williamsburg for an afternoon of playing.

49 / 52 : “Happy Day”

Happy Day

Looking forward to more warmer weather in the coming weeks. Spring is such a beautiful time up here. Pretty, invigorating, colorful, breezy…where’s that blanket? I would like to nap in the warm sunshine on a lazy afternoon please…


41 / 52 : “Cold Nose”

It has been a while. I have been hit with what I call the “project monster” (overloading myself with things to do) and have had some wonderful out-of-town family guests. I will finish this Self Portrait Project hopefully sooner, rather than later. Anyway, I took this photo while out in the lovely Christmas Town at Busch Gardens over the weekend. The temperature/”feels like” was in the low 40’s to high 30’s by the end of the night…so it was a bit chilly. Nothing that some FANTASTIC hot chocolate or well placed area heaters could not fix. I love the cold….not the brutally freezing, just the cold. I would rather shiver than sweat any day!

41 / 52 : “Cold Nose”

My wonderful brother and his amazing wife spend a few days with us and the kids. It has become a Thanksgiving tradition. Christmas Town was better this year because they were there. We ate my favorite smoked BBQ, rode some rides, saw some shows and walked among the paths lined with tons of real, lighted Christmas trees. It was a beautiful time with priceless memories.

39 / 52 : “Rainy Day”

Growing up in Florida, a hurricane was no foreign thing. Before we moved to Virginia, I never realized how many hurricanes actually made it up the coast, too. Well, hear we are again, at the end of the season with Sandy knocking on our doorstep. The winds will pick up tonight and tomorrow is supposed to be the hardest for our area…work was even cancelled for my husband. Our prayers are with everyone in the path of this gigantic storm.

39 / 52 : “Rainy Day”

I did always love the sound of a a good rainstorm. It is a beautiful, lulling sound that makes me want to curl up with a good book and a blanket. Maybe a little pumpkin spice coffee or hot chocolate, too.

Our backyard looks like a big, wet, Fall blanket. I am just hoping that there will still be some pretty leaves left on the trees after the storm.

35 / 52 : “Fall”

My favorite season is here. There really is nothing like the beauty of a cool, Fall day. I have a hard time staying indoors during this time of year. Yesterday morning was spent with a hot cup of coffee on the back porch watching the cool breezes blow my little garden around. The afternoon was spent at Busch Gardens with the family. The leaves have already begun to change – I wait all year for this loveliness. The boots have already been worn, scarves are coming soon! 🙂

35 / 52 : “Fall”

Something I never truly understood, growing up in Florida, is the refreshing feeling of a complete Autumn season. We always had a “Fall” for a few weeks to a month before it turned cool/cold for a little while…and that would be called “Winter.” There are no shedding leaves. No empty trees. I can’t tell you how many times I would be wearing shorts and a t-shirt on Christmas (don’t get me wrong, I love Florida 😉 ). I did not know how much I would LOVE and look forward to seeing the leaves fall from the trees. There is a renewing feeling. The old dies off to prepare for the new.

I have not done an image like this in a long time. It is what I will call a “faux double exposure.” This was “double exposed” on my computer. When I used my film camera I would do double exposure photos all the time – of myself, of other people, of objects, etc… I love the mysterious look that it gives an image. Almost ghostly at times.

I am really praying for a beautiful, restful Fall season. I want to have time to enjoy all the things we love about this time of year. It is the last Fall I have with both of my babies at home, my sweet son starts Kindergarten next year. I can’t believe it. I hope everyone is able to get out and spend some time with family during this amazing season!

Wednesday’s Word #29

Well, here it is again, the bright, hot, green months of summer. Apparently, yesterday was the longest day of the year…and I thought it was today…oops. I always thought it was on the 21st, turns out it can be on the 20th too.


noun(astronomy) either of the two times a year when the sun is at its greatest distance from the celestial equator: about June 21, when the sun reaches its northernmost point on the celestial sphere, or about December 22, when it reaches its southernmost point; a furthest or culminating point (dictionary.com)

While I was growing up in Florida, this time is usually considered about mid-summer – since the heat starts approximately in March and doesn’t end until say…October. Haha… Now that I live in Virginia I think of summer a lot differently. This is the time it actually starts getting quite warm, like an actual season. It is amazing. I use to think I could not survive in a place that I had to wear something other than flip flops and a tank top…turns out they make cute clothes like boots and sweaters…so it makes it bearable!

From here on out the days get shorter and we begin the second half of the year countdown. I have a lot of things to look forward to this second half of 2012…my daughter’s 2nd birthday, my first niece being born, a couple of vacations, my brother & sister-in-law visiting and of course my new favorite season, FALL and the beautiful holidays!

I hope everyone has some great things to look forward to until the next solstice!

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