51 / 52 : “Flower Girl”

Here we are full into Spring and the flowers have bloomed, the leaves are stretching – everything is bright and green. Even though the weather as been a bit gloomy and chilly, we are still getting out and enjoying the fresh air. I was talking to my kids about the colors that each season brings, it was cute to hear them relate colors and feelings to the time of year. We were outside one day and the gorgeous tree nearby was shedding its flowers. The surrounding ground was a pink sea of petals. My hair is kind of like a bird’s nest, so we decided to decorate.

51 / 52 : “Flower Girl”

Flower Girl

So this is me, with flowers in my hair. We had fun. I love spending time outdoors, no matter what we do. Here’s to more days that actually feel like Spring and family time.


49 / 52 : “Happy Day”

Spring is here…finally, sort-a. This is my husbands Spring Break from work, and for the most part, the high temperatures are in the 50’s. However, on the day we arrived home from spending a wonderful Easter weekend with my in-laws, the weather was so gorgeous we had to get outside! Yesterday we grabbed some bubbles, my son’s airplane, a blanket…and NO jackets, HELLO…then headed over to Colonial Williamsburg for an afternoon of playing.

49 / 52 : “Happy Day”

Happy Day

Looking forward to more warmer weather in the coming weeks. Spring is such a beautiful time up here. Pretty, invigorating, colorful, breezy…where’s that blanket? I would like to nap in the warm sunshine on a lazy afternoon please…

Growing Garden

Yet another update on my patio garden. Exciting developments. Flowers are blooming!

The zucchini is beautiful! Last year, my squash plants bloomed like crazy. Sadly the flowers would just die off and nothing would come of them. I REALLY hope that does not happen this year. Does anyone know why that would happen? Not enough sunlight? Like I’ve said, I know almost nothing about gardening.

The tomato plants seem quite happy. They are blooming and I already have 5 tomatoes waiting to turn red.

I am completely enthralled with my cucumber plant. Every day it grows and climbs further up the trellis. Now it has beautiful little yellow flowers…hopefully soon-to-be little cucumbers.

I never thought I would love gardening as much as I do. It is so peaceful and relaxing to sit in the middle of a garden, even a patio garden, and watch the plants grow. If a garden really does grow on love mine should bring in a bountiful harvest! 😉

Garden Morning

Down in the garden a cool breeze blew. On that breeze bubbles drifted and giggles danced. A sweet morning spent in the fresh, Spring air.

Tomatoes blossom. Peppers stretch their leaves.

Even small gardens have small inhabitants. Peacefully passing time.

Precious smiles. Little explorers. Bubble enthusiasts.

Early growth brings hope for harvest.

Nature is beautiful.

17 / 52 : “Green Thumb”

This portrait is a part of me that I hope will flourish this year. I do not know much about plants or gardening…but here’s to this year’s harvest! My husband built us these fantastic planter boxes for our little patio and did the heavy lifting and planting for this year’s attempt at vegetables. Last year did not go so well, but this time we are much better prepared and I think our little garden looks pretty!

17 / 52 : “Green Thumb”

We have yellow squash, tomatoes, and a few varieties of peppers. Last year was a  sad time in the garden with almost no veggies to harvest. This year, so far, the plants look pretty happy. They have only been planted about 5 days and are already growing. If I can grow something then anyone can! Seriously.

I am already stockpiling my recipes in hopes for some yummy fresh vegetables from our garden to fill them. Last year the only plants that gave us a few chances to make some recipes were our banana peppers. There were some yummy times; hoping for more chances and variety this year.

We had such a fun family time outside gardening. The kids loved helping with the dirt and plants…maybe their special touch will help our garden grow!

Zooooo Whoooo

This past weekend I took my kids to the Zoo. First we went out for a yummy lunch at their favorite place, Chick-fil-A, then it was a quick drive to the Norfolk Zoo. When we arrived it seemed a lot colder than it had been at lunch, so I was glad I brought jackets. Whenever my kids wear their jackets they insist on wearing the hoods, or as my daughter says, “hat.”

It was so PRECIOUS watching them hold hands, giggle, run through the park and look for all the animals. This was the first time we went “stroller-less” through a park. My daughter is so full of energy and independent….she LOVED it!

They were curious about everything, asked questions, picked up leaves, pointed out trees and plants – explored every inch. Then we came to a place with a row fountains that were turned off and had a metal grate beneath them. My daughter discovered that the ground on the grating made a funny sound as she ran across it, so she ran back and forth and back and forth…..

My son found a small statue he could walk through. Then they even discovered animal footprints across their path…

The sky was overcast throughout our walk to the back of the park. It was threatening rain when we got to the beautiful giraffes.

They were pacing back and forth, I think they sensed the rain and wanted to go inside their pens.

As we walked through the inside viewing area to the elephants the rain began. So there I am at the back of the Zoo with two small children and no umbrella. Hmm…of course. At least we got to see the elephants. As we walked down the path sprinkle, sprinkle came the rain….and it never stopped. I scooped up my daughter and my son jogged close beside as we ducked under each little dry area on our way to the exit. We got to a point where there was going to be a long run before our next shelter….yah, we got soaked.

Even though half of our Zoo exploration got rained out, we had a blast together, just the three of us at the Zoo.

14 / 52 : “Spring”

I was pleasantly surprised by this week’s self portrait. After going on vacation and coming back home, the woods in our backyard had begun filling with the beautiful, bright, green leaves of the season. No more barren, see-through trees – Spring has officially sprung in our pretty little forest.

14 / 52 : “Spring”

I actually took this with my cell phone with no editing. Just a whisper of Spring, or a wood nymph or something…haha. Anyway, I love it. This is me paying homage to Spring. A beautiful, fresh, renewing season that I have come to love since being in a place that actually has seasons. 😉

11 / 52 : “Shoe-Shoes”

This photo is a self portrait for several different reasons this week. To me, it represents: family time, Springtime, being active, local fun, and mine and my daughter’s love of all kinds of shoes! 😉

11 / 52 : “Shoe-Shoes”

This was taken at our first family trip to Busch Gardens today. These are mine and my sweet daughter’s feet. We are both wearing our walking shoes – which she refers to any shoe as a “shoe-shoe.”

Busch is open, which means Spring is here! We were so excited to get out there and walk the park, or in my daughter’s case, stroller the park. My son couldn’t wait to get on some rides with his Daddy. Unfortunately, about half way through our park time it started to rain, so walking out the last half of the park we all got soaked instead of enjoying the warm relaxing weather. We will try again soon!

It feels so good to get out there and walk again. I love walking. I love that we live in a city with so many opportunities to get out there and walk. For me right now, it is the best form of exercise. Colonial, Busch, Jamestown, outside malls, outlets, parks…we live in such a historical, beautiful area that allows us places to get out there as a family, spend time and be active.

Wednesday’s Word #18

This Winter has been unusually warm, I’ve been okay with that. I have enjoyed the little bit of snow that doesn’t stick around long and the few really cold days haven’t been too bothersome. It is crazy to believe Spring is right around the corner already! This week I have seen the signs of it coming…


noun: the flower of a plant; flowers collectively; a flourishing, healthy condition; the time or period of greatest beauty, artistry, etc.; a glow or flush on the cheek indicative of youth and health (dictionary.com)

synonyms: blossom, bud, efflorescence, floret, flower, flourishing (thesaurus.com)

These pretties are right outside my bedroom window and the ground outside is becoming sprinkled with buds, blooms, blossoms and sprouts. Robins are running around. The “bloom” of Spring is so refreshing. I love watching the seasons change, especially from Winter to Spring – everything that looks dead and cold suddenly starts beaming with life and color.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Spring feels light, airy, beautiful, clean – a chance to begin again and take on new projects. It’s a time for the flowers to blossom and for us to bloom with the freshness of the season. Be open and renewed this Spring, you never know where it will take you!

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