51 / 52 : “Flower Girl”

Here we are full into Spring and the flowers have bloomed, the leaves are stretching – everything is bright and green. Even though the weather as been a bit gloomy and chilly, we are still getting out and enjoying the fresh air. I was talking to my kids about the colors that each season brings, it was cute to hear them relate colors and feelings to the time of year. We were outside one day and the gorgeous tree nearby was shedding its flowers. The surrounding ground was a pink sea of petals. My hair is kind of like a bird’s nest, so we decided to decorate.

51 / 52 : “Flower Girl”

Flower Girl

So this is me, with flowers in my hair. We had fun. I love spending time outdoors, no matter what we do. Here’s to more days that actually feel like Spring and family time.


48 / 52 : “Whitewash”

I decided to play with some photos in my editing program. I really like the way this one came out. Kind of strange, kind of fun. It is as simple as that.

48 / 52 : “Whitewash”


I am not a quitter, so as long as it takes, I will finish this project! Only 4 left. 🙂

45 / 52 : “Snow”

Magical, mesmerizing mist. Fluffy, frosty flakes. Peaceful, puffy powder. Mhhhmmm…the wintery quiet has come. I love watching snow fall. We had a definite wave come through this afternoon and it left a precious few inches for us to play. My children’s begging eyes exchanged glances between the window and Mommy…pleeeaaaassee! It was time to make dinner – but it is always time to make memories instead. As night was consuming the backyard, there we were throwing on some boots, gloves, and warm clothes. Out we went into our mini wonderland. Our little snowman was silly, and giggles were aplenty. Snowballs were flying. My little girl would growl and toss a spat of snow with her ill-fitting mittens. My little man would charge his dad and laugh hysterically. Aaaaaand Dad beamed us all.

45 / 52 : “Snow”


By the end of our little evening adventure my hands were burning with cold because I chose to video/photograph the event instead of wear my gloves. Ehh…it was worth it. I LOVE hearing those babies laugh. I cherish every bit of our story together…

41 / 52 : “Cold Nose”

It has been a while. I have been hit with what I call the “project monster” (overloading myself with things to do) and have had some wonderful out-of-town family guests. I will finish this Self Portrait Project hopefully sooner, rather than later. Anyway, I took this photo while out in the lovely Christmas Town at Busch Gardens over the weekend. The temperature/”feels like” was in the low 40’s to high 30’s by the end of the night…so it was a bit chilly. Nothing that some FANTASTIC hot chocolate or well placed area heaters could not fix. I love the cold….not the brutally freezing, just the cold. I would rather shiver than sweat any day!

41 / 52 : “Cold Nose”

My wonderful brother and his amazing wife spend a few days with us and the kids. It has become a Thanksgiving tradition. Christmas Town was better this year because they were there. We ate my favorite smoked BBQ, rode some rides, saw some shows and walked among the paths lined with tons of real, lighted Christmas trees. It was a beautiful time with priceless memories.

40 / 52 : “Self Portrait”

I thought I would take a self portrait, self portrait this week. So many photos I end up taking are the ones where I hold the camera out in front of me and take myself and others. They are fun, candid and are often the best pictures of the day…in my opinion.

40 / 52 : “Self Portrait”

There is not much to explain about this one. Simplicity. Good for this chaotic week.

32 / 52 : “Light Spinner”

One morning, after my son had attended a friend’s birthday party, we had a little light show in the dark with one of the party favors. It lasted for over an hour, which is a miracle for kids with short attention spans. It involved spinning, twirling, tossing, shaking, shape-making, and writing with glow sticks. They had a blast! I could not capture their sweet, giggling faces in the dark, but I did capture their artwork – and mine!

32 / 52 : “Light Spinner”

It was a lot of fun experimenting with how much light we allowed in the room, versus how long I left the shutter open. Some of my favorite images were ones where the kids dropped the glow sticks – they left a light trail.

This one reminds me of a bird. It was great sharing this experience with my kiddos. Taking “light” images is something I have been doing for a long time. I especially like using a black light, those always come out pretty amazing.

Here are those precious hands making shapes on the ground. 🙂

28 / 52 : “Bubble”

Yesterday my little family took a trip to the Children’s Museum in Portsmouth, Virginia. Didn’t know what to expect, but we were VERY, pleasantly surprised. It was a great museum! Wow…the kids had a blast and I had so much fun documenting their experiences through my lens. One of our favorite areas in the museum was the bubble room. They even had a huge bubble circle that you could stand inside of and make a bubble around you. I have to admit, I do love some bubbles.

28 / 52 : “Bubble”

Sometimes when I am blowing bubbles for my kids outside, I find myself just blowing away even when they have moved on to something else. It is a little bit peaceful and slightly magical to watch the tiny circles floating through the air. It definitely brings out the kid it me.

Had to share my cute kids marveling at the gigantic bubble 🙂

Wednesday’s Word #30

This past week we were blessed to be able to stay with my brother and sister-in-law down in Florida. We got to see many loved ones and do some pretty fun things. It was my daughter’s first time flying on a plane and my son’s first time remembering it. Overall, it was an amazing trip – it went as smooth as can be. Once we arrived home it hit me how much I miss the people I love… It is funny to come back from vacation.


verb: to make normal; to establish or resume in a normal manner

It is that kind of “sigh” that takes place right as we walk in the door after traveling. We discard the bags to the side and automatically start getting back to our everyday life.  My kids run to their rooms and straight to their toys. The cats come out from hiding to say hi. We swing open the blinds and check to make sure everything fared well in our absence.

It is hard to want to unpack…bleh. Especially when we know we are going to pack a few things right back up shortly. We have a very busy rest of the summer planned before my husband goes back to work. Normal takes on different forms and different lengths of time in our house. Getting back to “normal” during the summer is a bit different with a teacher in the family. Since my husband has been off for the summer it just seems like playtime – chores, work…again…bleh.

I guess for us, “normalizing” will probably happen for real at the end of the summer. For now, I like the temporary normal….and am so grateful for the break to Florida – it was a beautiful time!

24 / 52 : “Stars & Stripes”

Well, this post is a BIT late. I took a sort of computer break this past week…taking care of sick kids. Yesterday was the 4th of July, our country’s day to celebrate independence. It is a beautiful time to spend with family and friends – to pull out the grill and enjoy a warm (or hot in this case) summer day, always remembering those who fought, and fight now for our freedom.

24 / 52 : “Stars & Stripes”

This is the first year we were able to go out to Colonial Williamsburg and sit among the thousands on the historical Lawn and watch the amazing fireworks display behind the Governor’s Palace. It was wonderful to hear the Virginia Symphony Orchestra serenade the crowd as a prelude to the light show. The building behind us is the Courthouse that comes equipped with its own stocks right outside.

My son had fun putting on his own light show with the glow sticks his Daddy bought him.

The fireworks were awesome…loved them! Can’t wait for next year 🙂

23 / 52 : “Curls”

Now don’t laugh…..no it’s okay, you can laugh. I sure did after I took this picture. I was attempting a self portrait for this week and it did not turn out how I expected. It looks a little crazy…*ahem*…I look a little crazy. Sort of like a Tekken ninja or something. Anyway, the original concept for this week was my hair. Recently, a friend so graciously chopped it off for me and now it is like a curly mop.

23 / 52 : “Curls”


I have always had curly hair. I love it. I have not had it this short….ever. Because of certain recent events, the drastic length change was very much needed and wanted. Now it is healthier and way more fun!

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