46 / 52 : “Balloons”

What is it about those colorful, drifting ovals? Light as air, tied to a string, static electricity, happy decor, joyful atmosphere – it just isn’t a birthday around here without a flock of floating fun. This year my little boy is a big man…sigh… We celebrated with just the four of us and went out to dinner, per the birthday boy’s request, to Chick-fil-A. I made him a chocolate chip cookie cake. YUM. It was nice.

46 / 52 : “Balloons”


I love a birthday. I love planning them, I love photographing, participating, celebrating, eating, gift-giving…it is a beautiful thing. Last night I decorated the house a bit so the birthday kid would wake up to find streamers, balloons, signs, etc… It was precious to hear little feet trot down the hall, then little voices say, “Mommy! There is a birthday out there!” Makes staying up late WORTH. IT.

Birthday boy

Here is the most handsome child I have ever seen with his cookie cake. I found the recipe here, via Pinterest, then embellished it with a little icing and sprinkles. It is reaaaaaally good. I had always wanted to make a giant chocolate chip cookie!


37 / 52 : “Aunt”

She is here! My precious little niece. She is absolutely beautiful. My dear sister-in-law and her wonderful husband have begun an amazing family together. So tiny, so sweet, so peaceful. I just love her. This is my first time being an Aunt…I can’t wait to spoil this precious girl!

37 / 52 : “Aunt”

What a blessing she is to our family already. My kids, her only cousins, simply adore her and could not wait to meet her this past weekend. I am so excited for them to grow up together!

31 / 52 : “Precious Girl”

The birthday of my AMAZING daughter…what an event! Hard to believe it has been 2 years since that hospital stay and bringing home that tiny Peanut. She is our little treasure! Her party had a Sesame Street theme, naturally. Who doesn’t love that little, red monster? ­čÖé She was surrounded by those that love her, tasty food, a pool and some lovely presents. God even held off the torrential downpour and brought out the sun for all the kiddies to play in the pool for a little while…and us to get our grill on!

31 / 52 : “Precious Girl”

Does it get any cuter than that Precious Girl with a smashed Elmo cupcake on her face? I am so in love.

I had so much fun pulling ideas and getting ready for her party. I have Pinterest to thank once again. I took some ideas I saw and made them my own. His eyes were filled with a  fruit or vegetable dip accordingly.

I made chocolate Cookie Monster cupcakes and “funfetti” Elmo cupcakes. Both had candy melts for eyes. Elmo’s nose was a jelly bean and Cookie had a cookie of course. Cute and yummy, too.

I am so grateful for those who helped out and all who were able to come and enjoy my Baby’s special day. Our loved ones mean the world to us, even the ones which distance separates from us. They were there in our hearts.

30 / 52 : “Birthday”

It’s my birthday. Another year has gone past. It is truly amazing how quickly time goes by. Tomorrow starts the next year…I’m afraid if I blink I might miss a couple. This has been a rough, and interesting year for me. I look forward with hope toward the future, I pray God’s mercy and grace upon my next year.

30 / 52 : “Birthday”

I spent the day with my little family. There is nothing ┬ámore precious than the faces of those I love. My sweet husband made me a yummy chocolate cake and sang me Happy Birthday…it was a nice end to the day.

9 / 52 : “Remembrance”

This day in March has always been a day to remember. A couple years ago, it took on a different way of┬áremembrance. Today would have been my Dad’s 69th birthday. Happy Birthday Dad…

9 / 52 : “Remembrance”

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”┬áAnonymous

Wednesday’s Word #14

This is a special week for my family. My amazing son turns 4 years old! It is a week of planning a birthday and a party and trying to have a bit of fun even though my whole family is sick and it is the busiest week of the year so far! We are attempting to:


verb: to observe a day or commemorate an event with ceremonies or festivities; to make known publicly; to have or participate in a party (dictionary.com)

synonyms: proclaim, honor, keep, commend, make merry, memorialize, carouse, praise, revere, extol (thesaurus.com)

This was his first birthday where we spent his actual day quietly at home with just us. He got to do all his favorite things and relax, he even got to pick his dinner spot (Chick Fil-a of course) and we took him out to our favorite yogurt bar, Sweet FROG…even though it was like 50 degrees! He seemed to really have a good day…which is all a mom can ask for… ­čÖé

Now the party looms near and we are all getting excited to hang with some great family and friends and animals…haha. We are having his party at the Norfolk Zoo! It is a fantastic deal where all I need to do is bring the birthday boy and the cake. Let me say, I have big plans for this cake. We shall see…

It is very hard to believe that 4 years have gone by…it really is true what they say, time goes by fast when you have kids. I love and treasure my precious son. He is such a blessing to our family – he is handsome, a genius, and a sweetheart…I am not bias or anything. We LOOOVE “celebrating” with him on his special day during this special week!

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