51 / 52 : “Flower Girl”

Here we are full into Spring and the flowers have bloomed, the leaves are stretching – everything is bright and green. Even though the weather as been a bit gloomy and chilly, we are still getting out and enjoying the fresh air. I was talking to my kids about the colors that each season brings, it was cute to hear them relate colors and feelings to the time of year. We were outside one day and the gorgeous tree nearby was shedding its flowers. The surrounding ground was a pink sea of petals. My hair is kind of like a bird’s nest, so we decided to decorate.

51 / 52 : “Flower Girl”

Flower Girl

So this is me, with flowers in my hair. We had fun. I love spending time outdoors, no matter what we do. Here’s to more days that actually feel like Spring and family time.


50 / 52 : “Underground”

Recently, my little family took a spontaneous 3 hour drive. It took us up the side of a mountain to an amazing hole in the ground. We went to explore the gorgeous, gaping depths stretching beneath our feet. Through a doorway, then down rock-carved stairs–reverence and awe instantly caught us off guard. The magnificent Luray Cavern captivated our curiosity during our long walk through its mysterious formations.

50 / 52 : “Underground”


This is definitely not the most exciting self portrait, especially in comparison to where I was standing. I did not know what to expect and was not very prepared for the awesome photography opportunity the cavern provided. It was truly AMAZING. I could have spent hours exploring under there. Every time we turned a corner it was breathtaking! The “lakes” with their glorious reflections, the vast expanses, the towering, statuesque pillars–a true wonder.

Luray Cavern

Every angle held new rocks, shapes, and textures. It was an easy subject to photograph and also fun to edit.

Luray and Me

My husband took this one, not too bad! 😉

49 / 52 : “Happy Day”

Spring is here…finally, sort-a. This is my husbands Spring Break from work, and for the most part, the high temperatures are in the 50’s. However, on the day we arrived home from spending a wonderful Easter weekend with my in-laws, the weather was so gorgeous we had to get outside! Yesterday we grabbed some bubbles, my son’s airplane, a blanket…and NO jackets, HELLO…then headed over to Colonial Williamsburg for an afternoon of playing.

49 / 52 : “Happy Day”

Happy Day

Looking forward to more warmer weather in the coming weeks. Spring is such a beautiful time up here. Pretty, invigorating, colorful, breezy…where’s that blanket? I would like to nap in the warm sunshine on a lazy afternoon please…

48 / 52 : “Whitewash”

I decided to play with some photos in my editing program. I really like the way this one came out. Kind of strange, kind of fun. It is as simple as that.

48 / 52 : “Whitewash”


I am not a quitter, so as long as it takes, I will finish this project! Only 4 left. 🙂

47 / 52 : “Tired”

So yes, I am still trying to finish this one year project… We have been busy and my photography brain has gotten lazy. The few ideas I’ve had for photos, just don’t come together. I attempted a few shots and they turned out bad. Laying there thinking, I took a picture of my blank, idea-less face. Here it is.

47 / 52 : “Tired”


Only 5 photos left. What will I come up with? Your guess is as good as mine!

45 / 52 : “Snow”

Magical, mesmerizing mist. Fluffy, frosty flakes. Peaceful, puffy powder. Mhhhmmm…the wintery quiet has come. I love watching snow fall. We had a definite wave come through this afternoon and it left a precious few inches for us to play. My children’s begging eyes exchanged glances between the window and Mommy…pleeeaaaassee! It was time to make dinner – but it is always time to make memories instead. As night was consuming the backyard, there we were throwing on some boots, gloves, and warm clothes. Out we went into our mini wonderland. Our little snowman was silly, and giggles were aplenty. Snowballs were flying. My little girl would growl and toss a spat of snow with her ill-fitting mittens. My little man would charge his dad and laugh hysterically. Aaaaaand Dad beamed us all.

45 / 52 : “Snow”


By the end of our little evening adventure my hands were burning with cold because I chose to video/photograph the event instead of wear my gloves. Ehh…it was worth it. I LOVE hearing those babies laugh. I cherish every bit of our story together…

44 / 52 : “Sick”

The beginning of the year brings some sickness into the house. Started with little boy, who passed it to little girl, who passed to me. We all have a little cabin fever being stuck in the house for almost a week. As I sit here next to my pile of tissues, my germ-x, and my juice, my hate of sickness is reinforced.

44 / 52 : “Sick”


It is not like Moms get the convenience of laying back and relaxing to rest and heal, not while there are two little sickies who are in need of care. The only bonus is that I have the snuggliest, cuddliest little girl creature to lay around and cozy up with under a a blanket. Those are her blonde curls in the corner of the photo. 🙂

Praying for a quick healing for us and some sanity. Especially my poor medically suppressed immune system.

43 / 52 : “New Year”

Happy New Year! I hope it is a happy one. I can’t believe what a different place I am in this year compared to last year. In almost every way. I praise God for bringing me out of all the suffering and confusion of disease. I am so excited to see what this year will bring for me and my family. I don’t do superstitious things or make “new year’s resolutions,” I am always just glad to begin anew and refreshed. I thought for this week I would collage…a new me.

43 / 52 : “New Year”

New Year

I am very proud to say that after 2 babies and some VERY nasty medicine for a year…I am back to my college size. I fit into my “skinny jeans” HELLO! I even bought a pair of pink corduroys….haha. I just need to do a little more shopping so I can stop tying and duct taping my clothes on. 😉 Not complaining…AT ALL. I even got a new haircut.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful, healthy, surprising NEW YEAR! God bless.

42 / 52 : “Christmas Lights”

It’s that time of year again. The time to take family Christmas photos, aaaaaaand have a little fun with some Christmas lights. We had a very long day yesterday and our family photo shoot went later into the evening than we had planned. It went pretty well, considering we had a tired “2” and “4” as I like to call them. 😉 We used props, made silly faces, the cat kept trying to sneak in the background – she succeeded a few times, and I was shocked by an exposed, busted Christmas light. Pretty typical. There was success…that is all that matters.

42 / 52 : “Christmas Lights”

Christmas Lights

I love using Christmas lights in pictures. There were more creative things I wanted to do, but we were all tired. So those shots are yet to come. Even if you don’t actually see the lights in the photo and lay them in front of your subject outside of the frame, they give a great ambient glow. Of course, this shot is more of a literal…and ridiculous…way of using them.

2 & 4

This picture is one of my favorites of the evening. As you might notice, this is one of our cat’s successes. She is having a little “Where’s Gryphon?” moment. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season!

41 / 52 : “Cold Nose”

It has been a while. I have been hit with what I call the “project monster” (overloading myself with things to do) and have had some wonderful out-of-town family guests. I will finish this Self Portrait Project hopefully sooner, rather than later. Anyway, I took this photo while out in the lovely Christmas Town at Busch Gardens over the weekend. The temperature/”feels like” was in the low 40’s to high 30’s by the end of the night…so it was a bit chilly. Nothing that some FANTASTIC hot chocolate or well placed area heaters could not fix. I love the cold….not the brutally freezing, just the cold. I would rather shiver than sweat any day!

41 / 52 : “Cold Nose”

My wonderful brother and his amazing wife spend a few days with us and the kids. It has become a Thanksgiving tradition. Christmas Town was better this year because they were there. We ate my favorite smoked BBQ, rode some rides, saw some shows and walked among the paths lined with tons of real, lighted Christmas trees. It was a beautiful time with priceless memories.

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