49 / 52 : “Happy Day”

Spring is here…finally, sort-a. This is my husbands Spring Break from work, and for the most part, the high temperatures are in the 50’s. However, on the day we arrived home from spending a wonderful Easter weekend with my in-laws, the weather was so gorgeous we had to get outside! Yesterday we grabbed some bubbles, my son’s airplane, a blanket…and NO jackets, HELLO…then headed over to Colonial Williamsburg for an afternoon of playing.

49 / 52 : “Happy Day”

Happy Day

Looking forward to more warmer weather in the coming weeks. Spring is such a beautiful time up here. Pretty, invigorating, colorful, breezy…where’s that blanket? I would like to nap in the warm sunshine on a lazy afternoon please…


45 / 52 : “Snow”

Magical, mesmerizing mist. Fluffy, frosty flakes. Peaceful, puffy powder. Mhhhmmm…the wintery quiet has come. I love watching snow fall. We had a definite wave come through this afternoon and it left a precious few inches for us to play. My children’s begging eyes exchanged glances between the window and Mommy…pleeeaaaassee! It was time to make dinner – but it is always time to make memories instead. As night was consuming the backyard, there we were throwing on some boots, gloves, and warm clothes. Out we went into our mini wonderland. Our little snowman was silly, and giggles were aplenty. Snowballs were flying. My little girl would growl and toss a spat of snow with her ill-fitting mittens. My little man would charge his dad and laugh hysterically. Aaaaaand Dad beamed us all.

45 / 52 : “Snow”


By the end of our little evening adventure my hands were burning with cold because I chose to video/photograph the event instead of wear my gloves. Ehh…it was worth it. I LOVE hearing those babies laugh. I cherish every bit of our story together…

41 / 52 : “Cold Nose”

It has been a while. I have been hit with what I call the “project monster” (overloading myself with things to do) and have had some wonderful out-of-town family guests. I will finish this Self Portrait Project hopefully sooner, rather than later. Anyway, I took this photo while out in the lovely Christmas Town at Busch Gardens over the weekend. The temperature/”feels like” was in the low 40’s to high 30’s by the end of the night…so it was a bit chilly. Nothing that some FANTASTIC hot chocolate or well placed area heaters could not fix. I love the cold….not the brutally freezing, just the cold. I would rather shiver than sweat any day!

41 / 52 : “Cold Nose”

My wonderful brother and his amazing wife spend a few days with us and the kids. It has become a Thanksgiving tradition. Christmas Town was better this year because they were there. We ate my favorite smoked BBQ, rode some rides, saw some shows and walked among the paths lined with tons of real, lighted Christmas trees. It was a beautiful time with priceless memories.

39 / 52 : “Rainy Day”

Growing up in Florida, a hurricane was no foreign thing. Before we moved to Virginia, I never realized how many hurricanes actually made it up the coast, too. Well, hear we are again, at the end of the season with Sandy knocking on our doorstep. The winds will pick up tonight and tomorrow is supposed to be the hardest for our area…work was even cancelled for my husband. Our prayers are with everyone in the path of this gigantic storm.

39 / 52 : “Rainy Day”

I did always love the sound of a a good rainstorm. It is a beautiful, lulling sound that makes me want to curl up with a good book and a blanket. Maybe a little pumpkin spice coffee or hot chocolate, too.

Our backyard looks like a big, wet, Fall blanket. I am just hoping that there will still be some pretty leaves left on the trees after the storm.

34 / 52 : “Park Path”

My family and I discovered a new place to play this past week. It is a park very close to our house. There is a playground, hiking trails, a fishing pier, paddle boats/canoes, and shelters for parties. It was really pretty and peaceful. We look forward to going back, especially the kids. They were not happy when we left that playground. My husband is planning on taking some of his marine science students out on the boats for a field trip. It is nice to get out and play once and a while. Next time we’ll have to explore the paths into the woods.

34 / 52 : “Park Path”


28 / 52 : “Bubble”

Yesterday my little family took a trip to the Children’s Museum in Portsmouth, Virginia. Didn’t know what to expect, but we were VERY, pleasantly surprised. It was a great museum! Wow…the kids had a blast and I had so much fun documenting their experiences through my lens. One of our favorite areas in the museum was the bubble room. They even had a huge bubble circle that you could stand inside of and make a bubble around you. I have to admit, I do love some bubbles.

28 / 52 : “Bubble”

Sometimes when I am blowing bubbles for my kids outside, I find myself just blowing away even when they have moved on to something else. It is a little bit peaceful and slightly magical to watch the tiny circles floating through the air. It definitely brings out the kid it me.

Had to share my cute kids marveling at the gigantic bubble šŸ™‚

24 / 52 : “Stars & Stripes”

Well, this post is a BIT late. I took a sort of computer break this past week…taking care of sick kids. Yesterday was the 4th of July, our country’s day to celebrate independence. It is a beautiful time to spend with family and friends – to pull out the grill and enjoy a warm (or hot in this case) summer day, always remembering those who fought, and fight now for our freedom.

24 / 52 : “Stars & Stripes”

This is the first year we were able to go out to Colonial Williamsburg and sit among the thousands on the historical Lawn and watch the amazing fireworks display behind the Governor’s Palace. It was wonderful to hear the Virginia Symphony Orchestra serenade the crowd as a prelude to the light show. The building behind us is the Courthouse that comes equipped with its own stocks right outside.

My son had fun putting on his own light show with the glow sticks his Daddy bought him.

The fireworks were awesome…loved them! Can’t wait for next year šŸ™‚

20 / 52 : “Silhouette”

It was a warm, beautiful weekend that made me very grateful to be an American…and very thankful for those who, have and currently, serve our country so bravely and sacrificially. On this Memorial Day, I did pause and remember why it was set aside and I hope you did too. The men and women who give of their time, their lives, for the freedom of this great country blow me away…there is just something incredible about people like that, something I truly can’t put into words. All I can say, from the bottom of my heart, is THANK YOU!

So my weekly portrait is a little late. This holiday weekend I chose to spend off of the computer and with my family. We spent a lot of fun time together outside, around town and beyond. We went to Busch Gardens, Mount Trashmore Park and took a walk on the boardwalk at Virginia Beach. It was sunny, hot and breezy…nice to be together at all the places.

20 / 52 : “Silhouette”

I love this portrait. It is a fun, creative shot amid some playground equipment at Mount Trashmore Park. It is the shape of the sun with the sun. I love how it turned out and can’t wait to go back to take some more photos.

It was my first time at Mount Trashmore, not going to lie, that set of stairs in the “mount” was intimidating for me, but I made it up and it was worth it.

Garden Additions

This week we added a couple new containers to our garden. The kids and I picked up two new plants I had been looking for from our local Farmer’s Market last weekend. I am very excited about these two. I think next year we will do all our plant choosing from the Farmer’s Market in Colonial – organic and beautiful!

Zucchini – one of my absolute favorites

Bush Cucumber – interested to see how this grows

Mother’s Day

I love being a Mother. I even get a special day. I chose this year to spend the day at Busch Gardens with my dear family. Why not spend a beautiful day, with beautiful weather at the most beautiful park in the world? It was wonderful!

It was the first time we took my sweet daughter without a stroller. It was an intimidating venture, but both kids did great walking and playing for hours around the park. We rode rides, munched popcorn, learned about animals, had a yummy BBQ lunch and I got a sweet Mommy’s Day gift – a caricature of my kiddos!

My precious daughter had a blast not being confined to a stroller, the only thing was she kept falling on her knees! She got a little beat up, but that kid is a trooper and it didn’t bother her much at all. She had way too much fun exploring and riding rides. It was all smiles on the egg ride and all “ohh’s” and “wow’s” as she bobbed up and down on theĀ carousel.

My sweet son always has fun at Busch. He loves all the rides he can get on! He is my little curious monkey. As soon as he gets on a ride, while waiting for it to begin, he starts looking around at the buckles, levers, water, buttons – whatever happens to be around as he sits. He has figured out how to get out of theĀ seat beltĀ on one of the rides – needless to say he does not ride that one alone anymore.

I want to wish all the amazing moms I know…and those that I don’t…a happy belated Mother’s Day! I hope you all had lovely day yesterday like I did… God Bless!

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