44 / 52 : “Sick”

The beginning of the year brings some sickness into the house. Started with little boy, who passed it to little girl, who passed to me. We all have a little cabin fever being stuck in the house for almost a week. As I sit here next to my pile of tissues, my germ-x, and my juice, my hate of sickness is reinforced.

44 / 52 : “Sick”


It is not like Moms get the convenience of laying back and relaxing to rest and heal, not while there are two little sickies who are in need of care. The only bonus is that I have the snuggliest, cuddliest little girl creature to lay around and cozy up with under a a blanket. Those are her blonde curls in the corner of the photo. 🙂

Praying for a quick healing for us and some sanity. Especially my poor medically suppressed immune system.


42 / 52 : “Christmas Lights”

It’s that time of year again. The time to take family Christmas photos, aaaaaaand have a little fun with some Christmas lights. We had a very long day yesterday and our family photo shoot went later into the evening than we had planned. It went pretty well, considering we had a tired “2” and “4” as I like to call them. 😉 We used props, made silly faces, the cat kept trying to sneak in the background – she succeeded a few times, and I was shocked by an exposed, busted Christmas light. Pretty typical. There was success…that is all that matters.

42 / 52 : “Christmas Lights”

Christmas Lights

I love using Christmas lights in pictures. There were more creative things I wanted to do, but we were all tired. So those shots are yet to come. Even if you don’t actually see the lights in the photo and lay them in front of your subject outside of the frame, they give a great ambient glow. Of course, this shot is more of a literal…and ridiculous…way of using them.

2 & 4

This picture is one of my favorites of the evening. As you might notice, this is one of our cat’s successes. She is having a little “Where’s Gryphon?” moment. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season!

39 / 52 : “Rainy Day”

Growing up in Florida, a hurricane was no foreign thing. Before we moved to Virginia, I never realized how many hurricanes actually made it up the coast, too. Well, hear we are again, at the end of the season with Sandy knocking on our doorstep. The winds will pick up tonight and tomorrow is supposed to be the hardest for our area…work was even cancelled for my husband. Our prayers are with everyone in the path of this gigantic storm.

39 / 52 : “Rainy Day”

I did always love the sound of a a good rainstorm. It is a beautiful, lulling sound that makes me want to curl up with a good book and a blanket. Maybe a little pumpkin spice coffee or hot chocolate, too.

Our backyard looks like a big, wet, Fall blanket. I am just hoping that there will still be some pretty leaves left on the trees after the storm.

33 / 52 : “Technology”

Yes. It is the first Sunday of football season. I made some popcorn with a new birthday present and took my place on the couch. I chuckled to myself as I looked up from around my trusty blanket, realizing how much and how vital all these electronic devices are in our daily lives. I sent a text and updated my status, all while watching Red Zone and checking my tablet to make sure I was still losing fantasy football game. I just thought I would capture this moment of a lazy afternoon with football and technology.

33 / 52 : “Technology”

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

27 / 52 : “TomatO-K”

So the only thing our little garden is producing is some pretty tomatoes. Everything else….its just sad. It is our fault, our inexperience. We are just going to move on and possibly try a little fall planting. I am researching and learning…we will see.

27 / 52 : “TomatO-K”

There really is nothing like a YUMMY, garden fresh tomato. Nor anything as gratifying as eating from your own garden. I believe everyone should try it.

26 / 52 : “Growing Up”

Today was a big day in my household. I have no more babies. My precious daughter went to bed in her “big girl bed” for the first time. It literally feels like she just came home from the hospital. I am not sure how she grew up so fast. As I sang her favorite lullaby, she hugged on her blankie and her Cookie Monster. I began to tear up looking into her big, blue eyes. I asked her if she was going to stay in her big girl bed and go to sleep, I got the sweetest, little answer: “yes.”

26 / 52 : “GROWING UP”

And she did…she cried for a few minutes, which about made my heart break…she never came out of her room and went to sleep like a big girl. I feel like I am just a blink away from an empty nest…

Spider’s Web

I was out in my garden and noticed a little glimmer on my tomato plant. I moved closer and the sunlight caught this work of art aglow. Spider webs are intricate and delicate, truly amazing. I may not be a fan of the artist, but I do love the masterpicece.

My pretty cucumber….now if it would only produce a cucumber…

My tomatoes are doing well…at least that’s something!

Growing Garden

Yet another update on my patio garden. Exciting developments. Flowers are blooming!

The zucchini is beautiful! Last year, my squash plants bloomed like crazy. Sadly the flowers would just die off and nothing would come of them. I REALLY hope that does not happen this year. Does anyone know why that would happen? Not enough sunlight? Like I’ve said, I know almost nothing about gardening.

The tomato plants seem quite happy. They are blooming and I already have 5 tomatoes waiting to turn red.

I am completely enthralled with my cucumber plant. Every day it grows and climbs further up the trellis. Now it has beautiful little yellow flowers…hopefully soon-to-be little cucumbers.

I never thought I would love gardening as much as I do. It is so peaceful and relaxing to sit in the middle of a garden, even a patio garden, and watch the plants grow. If a garden really does grow on love mine should bring in a bountiful harvest! 😉

Garden Additions

This week we added a couple new containers to our garden. The kids and I picked up two new plants I had been looking for from our local Farmer’s Market last weekend. I am very excited about these two. I think next year we will do all our plant choosing from the Farmer’s Market in Colonial – organic and beautiful!

Zucchini – one of my absolute favorites

Bush Cucumber – interested to see how this grows

Garden Morning

Down in the garden a cool breeze blew. On that breeze bubbles drifted and giggles danced. A sweet morning spent in the fresh, Spring air.

Tomatoes blossom. Peppers stretch their leaves.

Even small gardens have small inhabitants. Peacefully passing time.

Precious smiles. Little explorers. Bubble enthusiasts.

Early growth brings hope for harvest.

Nature is beautiful.

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