52 / 52 : “I Heart Photography”

This is LONG overdue. I had to finish. Here is the last photograph for my self portrait project. I chose an interesting year to explore self portraits. It was a year where my body went through many physical and emotional changes. I felt like I lost myself, my direction, my focus – my sense of being. In a way I am glad that it took me a year and a half to complete this project. I believe this time period encompassed a vast range of who I was, have gone through, and now, am. In no way am I a finished work, there is always growth and change. For now, however, this project is done.

52 / 52 : “I Heart Photography”

I Heart Photography

I have realized, through the time it took to do this project, that my passions have shifted. My love for the inner workings of photography has faded. It has developed into more of a hobby, a pastime that I enjoy. I have forgotten much and have not kept up with the technology nor growth of the medium. Strangely, I am okay with this new direction. It has opened a door for some of my other hobbies to become my new passions.


As we played with fire on the 4th, I decided this needed to be my last venture on this photographic journey. I enjoyed experimenting this year and a half, I became frustrated for new ideas, stretched my creativity – I learned about myself. Thank you to all who followed this extended project. 🙂

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