36 / 52 : “Fair Day”

A day at the fair goes way back for me. Some great memories, some fun times – there is nothing like a day at the state fair! The weather was cool and breezy. The scent of greasy pizza, cotton candy, and farm animals was in the air. The sounds of carnies vying for our attention, mingled with the shrieks and clatter of people on rides. Our kids squealed as they chased each other around the pretty green grass of Meadow Event Park. Growing up, I use to enter the photography competition in the Florida State Fair. It was always fun to go and find out what/if you won for your photos. I thought that a self portrait from this year was appropriate for my project. I took a few pictures that day, but this one was my favorite.

36 / 52 : “Fair Day”

I love that my daughter is munching a bite of pretzel. I love my son’s smile with pizza in his cheek. I love that I can take my kids to the fair now and let them create their own memories.

The first animal that we saw was my all-time favorite! They use to have them at the Florida Fair…it is the baby Zebu. I still totally want one. The cutest cow EVER!

We love the animals. I think my kids could have spent all day feeding goats and petting sheep. They really enjoyed watching the baby chicks hatch from eggs and the ducklings splash and slide in their little man-made pond.

I just realized that I have now been writing this blog for about a year now! Here is the post from last year’s trek to the State Fair…I can’t believe how much my kiddos have grown. 🙂

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