Wednesday’s Word #30

This past week we were blessed to be able to stay with my brother and sister-in-law down in Florida. We got to see many loved ones and do some pretty fun things. It was my daughter’s first time flying on a plane and my son’s first time remembering it. Overall, it was an amazing trip – it went as smooth as can be. Once we arrived home it hit me how much I miss the people I love… It is funny to come back from vacation.


verb: to make normal; to establish or resume in a normal manner

It is that kind of “sigh” that takes place right as we walk in the door after traveling. We discard the bags to the side and automatically start getting back to our everyday life.  My kids run to their rooms and straight to their toys. The cats come out from hiding to say hi. We swing open the blinds and check to make sure everything fared well in our absence.

It is hard to want to unpack…bleh. Especially when we know we are going to pack a few things right back up shortly. We have a very busy rest of the summer planned before my husband goes back to work. Normal takes on different forms and different lengths of time in our house. Getting back to “normal” during the summer is a bit different with a teacher in the family. Since my husband has been off for the summer it just seems like playtime – chores, work…again…bleh.

I guess for us, “normalizing” will probably happen for real at the end of the summer. For now, I like the temporary normal….and am so grateful for the break to Florida – it was a beautiful time!

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