Wednesday’s Word #28

This past weekend my husband had the honor of being the best man at the wedding of his college roommate and great friend. We decided to travel to this wedding by car…10 hours away. My husband had never been further north than Washington D.C., so driving to see the sights on the way seemed like a great idea. I had never driven through these parts of the country either, wow, was it beautiful!


adjective: abounding in mountains; of the nature of a mountain; resembling a mountain or mountains, as being very large and high

synonyms: alpine, big, colossal, gigantic, highland, huge, mammoth, tall towering

We drove through northern Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania on our way to Ohio. It really was some of the most amazing sights I have ever seen. Everything was picturesque: little farmlands resting in valleys as the fog gently rolled in, red barns in green pastures, churches and graveyards set on hills, and trees everywhere, blanketing the mountainsides. The road moved up and down with the landscape. We would be driving in a valley, then climb, then all of a sudden we would break out into this wide open space and this incredible scene would be laid out before us.

This was the first time I actually witnessed the “purple mountains majesty.” I never really understood what the song meant by that phrase until this trip…BEAUTIFUL. Every time I looked out onto the sides of the mountains and saw all the treetops, all I could picture was them coming alive and taking a walk…maybe I’ve read too many books. I have always been a beach person, and I still am – I have a hard time feeling landlocked – but my heart has opened a bit to love the colossal mountains and the beauty they hold in their valleys.

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  1. Janet

     /  June 14, 2012

    Beautiful picts. Tracey. Your camera takes good picts. What are you using?

    • Thank you! I took those pictures with my Nikon D80. I have had it for a long time and it is seriously outdated as technology goes, but it still gets the job done!


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