21 / 52 : “Scars”

This week I have been thinking and noticing all the markings on my skin. Because of recent health issues, I have a lot more marks than I once did. All these markings have a story; they make up who I am. Some I’ve had ever since I was little, some are more recent. Some are emotionally deep, some I question where they came from. Some I am grateful for, some I wish would just disappear.

21 / 52 : “Scars”

These scars on my knee are from what I call a miracle. One day I was sitting at my desk and my one year old daughter walked up to where the dinner trays were sitting on the outside of my desk and began pulling them. Before I could stop her they started falling on her. Somehow I was out from under my desk, she was next to me and the trays and stand were on top of me…and I was in pain. My little, sweet baby got up and gave me a kiss, then went about her business. All I could do was thank God that it was me and not her under the trays. I bashed up my feet, knee and hand – I was bleeding and hurting. I still cannot figure out how I got to where I did. A miracle.

On a side note…knees are weird. They are very awkward looking in a photo. I have to admit, I have never really attempted knee photography before – definitely not my favorite subject. I have learned this week that knees are not photogenic…or maybe it’s just my knees.

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