Wednesday’s Word #27

Haha…ok. I about to give up on the whole Wednesday thing and just make it a Thursday thing. It sure seems like I find it hard to write on a Wednesday, maybe it is no accident. Some funny happenstances took place this week and it got me thinking about my word for this week.


noun: a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance; the condition or fact of coinciding; an instance of this (

synonyms: chance, fluke, stroke of luck, fate, accident (

I was always taught that there are no such thing as coincidences, that everything happens for a reason. I do believe that. I have a hard time believing that things just happen. That on a random night, a random restaurant, running into someone you know from another town, another state, who happens to be eating at the same time as you – does that just happen? Pulling into the multi-lane entrance of Busch Gardens and pulling right next to someone you know who happens to be going to the park at the same time as you on the same day in the lane right next to you so you would be able to see them – does that just happen? Well both of those occurrences happened to me this week…

Do things like that just happen? It seems like they do. What would be the great meaning behind running into someone you know while out to eat and saying “hi, how are you?” Or running into a friend and joining up in a theme park for a short while? I guess you never know the implications of even running into someone you don’t know on the street, or what a friendly smile might do to someones day…or an angry expression. I do believe things happen for a reason.

I think about that sometimes as I am going about my day…if I had been 30 seconds slower at walking up to the door that guy would not have been there to open it for me; or if my son hadn’t stopped to put that extra rock in his shoe, that sweet, older woman would not have been there to pick up his shoe after it fell off and hand him a bag for his rocks instead of his shoe….

Weird “coincidences” happen all the time if you think about it…take advantage of them, because you just never know what they could mean to someone else – or to you.

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