Wednesday’s Word #25

Ha. Here it is again, Thursday for my mid-week word. Well, it is partly because of the word this week why this post is late. A funny thing about our little family: since my husband and I have been married (7 years in July) we have moved 5 times…that is quite a bit. We just recently celebrated being in one place for one year – a feat for us. We sort of made moving a hobby…haha. Each place we went we shed more things and more things, we became good at moving. We are both clean, minimalists. This last time we shed a ton of excess; necessary for a few reasons. Anyway, we had become so use to changing scenery about once a year it felt weird keeping things as they were around here.


verb: to put (something) into a new order; to put (something) back in its original order after it has been displaced; to fix a new date or time for (something postponed)

synonyms: change, order, readjust, reorganize, reshuffle, revamp, shift, switch

We had been talking about redecorating our living space for a couple months now and I have been slowly gathering new ideas and items. Yesterday we began the process by “rearranging” our furniture. It took us all afternoon, partly because everything takes longer when you have little people running around, jumping off couch cushions and disfiguring your nice, neat book piles. The new configuration of furniture turned out pretty well. Like I said, we just couldn’t leave things the way they were. Both my husband and I were famous for rearranging our furniture in our bedrooms quite often when we were younger.

We will be switching things up. A complete color and style change. So for right now we are “under construction” with empty walls, nails that need to be pulled, decor thrown around, naked windows…it is odd to look at. I am excited about the change. The new color scheme will be completely different than we have ever had in our home. It may take a little bit to get it just right, but we’ll get there. It is always refreshing to rearrange things – a fresh perspective. Maybe that is why we moved so many times? Since we finally feel settled in our current location, we will have to settle with a small furniture rearrange instead of a large life rearrange.

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