17 / 52 : “Green Thumb”

This portrait is a part of me that I hope will flourish this year. I do not know much about plants or gardening…but here’s to this year’s harvest! My husband built us these fantastic planter boxes for our little patio and did the heavy lifting and planting for this year’s attempt at vegetables. Last year did not go so well, but this time we are much better prepared and I think our little garden looks pretty!

17 / 52 : “Green Thumb”

We have yellow squash, tomatoes, and a few varieties of peppers. Last year was a  sad time in the garden with almost no veggies to harvest. This year, so far, the plants look pretty happy. They have only been planted about 5 days and are already growing. If I can grow something then anyone can! Seriously.

I am already stockpiling my recipes in hopes for some yummy fresh vegetables from our garden to fill them. Last year the only plants that gave us a few chances to make some recipes were our banana peppers. There were some yummy times; hoping for more chances and variety this year.

We had such a fun family time outside gardening. The kids loved helping with the dirt and plants…maybe their special touch will help our garden grow!

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