Zooooo Whoooo

This past weekend I took my kids to the Zoo. First we went out for a yummy lunch at their favorite place, Chick-fil-A, then it was a quick drive to the Norfolk Zoo. When we arrived it seemed a lot colder than it had been at lunch, so I was glad I brought jackets. Whenever my kids wear their jackets they insist on wearing the hoods, or as my daughter says, “hat.”

It was so PRECIOUS watching them hold hands, giggle, run through the park and look for all the animals. This was the first time we went “stroller-less” through a park. My daughter is so full of energy and independent….she LOVED it!

They were curious about everything, asked questions, picked up leaves, pointed out trees and plants – explored every inch. Then we came to a place with a row fountains that were turned off and had a metal grate beneath them. My daughter discovered that the ground on the grating made a funny sound as she ran across it, so she ran back and forth and back and forth…..

My son found a small statue he could walk through. Then they even discovered animal footprints across their path…

The sky was overcast throughout our walk to the back of the park. It was threatening rain when we got to the beautiful giraffes.

They were pacing back and forth, I think they sensed the rain and wanted to go inside their pens.

As we walked through the inside viewing area to the elephants the rain began. So there I am at the back of the Zoo with two small children and no umbrella. Hmm…of course. At least we got to see the elephants. As we walked down the path sprinkle, sprinkle came the rain….and it never stopped. I scooped up my daughter and my son jogged close beside as we ducked under each little dry area on our way to the exit. We got to a point where there was going to be a long run before our next shelter….yah, we got soaked.

Even though half of our Zoo exploration got rained out, we had a blast together, just the three of us at the Zoo.

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