Fish Adventure

Today I decided to take my kids on a little surprise trip to the pet store. I love surprising them. Watching their sweet, little faces light up with the thrill of something new and exciting – priceless. It is wonderful what things make them happy…a book, bubbles, mazes, coloring, a cardboard box, stickers, etc… Anyway, I thought they would enjoy a new pet, a new responsibility for my son. He loves being able to take care of things by himself, he is 4 after all…big man.

I took two precious hands and we went into the store straight to the fish section. My darling daughter says “COOL” and starts pointing to all the fish, simply loving the colors, lights and “wah wah.”

However fascinated the Cuties were with the crazy, active fish in the tanks, Mommy went in search for the quiet ones in the cups…haha. We were going to start with a small responsibility…so we were going Betta.

Gurgling, bubbling tank filters; peaceful, flowing plant life; bright colors, big eyes – fish tanks. I loved watching my kids eyes watch the fish. They had fun in front of the tanks and also exploring the rest of the animals in the store. They saw rats, guinea pigs, birds, dogs and my daughter’s favorite: KITTIES! My son asked if we could take another kitty home, I told him we were going to stick with a fish for today.

Don’t let this confused look fool you, he only changed his mind like 10 times. There were all red ones, blue ones, blue & red ones, purple, etc… After taking almost every fish in a cup down to eye level, my boy finally picked one he liked. Not just any Betta, a Crowntail Betta.



Then we picked up some food for him and a small cat toy (a hopeful bribe that our kitties won’t notice our new friend), we headed to the check-out. Once I got two kids and a fish out to the car, it was naming time.


My son comes up with the best names, so I couldn’t wait to hear what this fish would be called. He started with “Knuckle,” I thought: creative. A few minutes down the road and he became “Tank.” I said, “You want to name your fish, Tank?” Chuckled a little to myself. He said, “Hmm, let me think,” rubs his chin, “No, ‘Tank-tah.’ “Tank top?” I questioned. “TANK-TAH,” he reinforced. Sooo, meet our new pet: Tank-tah.

A pretty fish with an incredibly unique name. My son has already taken his responsibility very seriously – he had a conversation with Tank-tah about his tank and made sure that he had his dinner. So far so good!

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