11 / 52 : “Shoe-Shoes”

This photo is a self portrait for several different reasons this week. To me, it represents: family time, Springtime, being active, local fun, and mine and my daughter’s love of all kinds of shoes! 😉

11 / 52 : “Shoe-Shoes”

This was taken at our first family trip to Busch Gardens today. These are mine and my sweet daughter’s feet. We are both wearing our walking shoes – which she refers to any shoe as a “shoe-shoe.”

Busch is open, which means Spring is here! We were so excited to get out there and walk the park, or in my daughter’s case, stroller the park. My son couldn’t wait to get on some rides with his Daddy. Unfortunately, about half way through our park time it started to rain, so walking out the last half of the park we all got soaked instead of enjoying the warm relaxing weather. We will try again soon!

It feels so good to get out there and walk again. I love walking. I love that we live in a city with so many opportunities to get out there and walk. For me right now, it is the best form of exercise. Colonial, Busch, Jamestown, outside malls, outlets, parks…we live in such a historical, beautiful area that allows us places to get out there as a family, spend time and be active.

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