Wednesday’s Word #19

This is a word I have heard many times. I’m embarrassed to say, I have always half understood the meaning. I decided this week I would fully understand, by finally finding out it’s root. It is not the most exciting word, but a word, none-the-less:


noun: 1) a group of individuals or organizations combined or making a joint effort to undertake some specific duty or carry out specific transactions or negotiations; 2) a combination of bankers or capitalists formed for the purpose of carrying out some project requiring large resources of capital, as the underwriting of an issue of stockor bonds; 3) a group, combination, or association of gangsters controlling organized crime or one type of crime, especially in one region of the country. (

definition/synonyms: group of business entities; association, cabinet, committee, company, crew, gang, group, mob, organization, partnership, trust, union (

In a sentence: “One of the largest apartment houses on the upper west side is about to be taken over by a syndicate of tenants.” (

Oh, okay. It is definitely a group of people – either doing a task, moving money or organizing crime. Interesting. It seems to have a few different usage options. Well, now I know… Just thought I’d share, in case you were wondering too.

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