Wednesday’s Word #15

So this week I am running on empty. I am sick of my family’s lingering sickness. We are all tired and a bit bored with the routine of life. Last night it hit me, we need a jump start or something…time to change it up and get things put together…time to:


verb: to begin again, recommence; to make effective for an additional period; to restore or replenish; to make, say or do again; to revive; reestablish; to be restored to a former state

synonyms: restock, re-create, rejuvenate, regenerate, reinstate, renovate, repair (

Yes, we need all of those words in this household right now. We are at a strange point in life where so much is changing and moving, yet the day to day seems habitual. That does not seem to make much sense, but it does in our world. Personal things need to change, schedules need to be rearranged, activities need to be implemented, projects need to be completed…

It is a bit overwhelming to think of it all at once, and difficult to think of it all individually. Especially when you are exhausted and are constantly chasing after two active children. It is also exceptionally challenging to complete tasks with an almost 18 month old who innocently undoes everything you have just done.

I pray for mercy and grace as we attempt to “rejuvenate” this family in a refreshed direction. I hope it helps all of us move forward on a positive course for this new year…God knows we need it.

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