Wednesday’s Word #14

This is a special week for my family. My amazing son turns 4 years old! It is a week of planning a birthday and a party and trying to have a bit of fun even though my whole family is sick and it is the busiest week of the year so far! We are attempting to:


verb: to observe a day or commemorate an event with ceremonies or festivities; to make known publicly; to have or participate in a party (

synonyms: proclaim, honor, keep, commend, make merry, memorialize, carouse, praise, revere, extol (

This was his first birthday where we spent his actual day quietly at home with just us. He got to do all his favorite things and relax, he even got to pick his dinner spot (Chick Fil-a of course) and we took him out to our favorite yogurt bar, Sweet FROG…even though it was like 50 degrees! He seemed to really have a good day…which is all a mom can ask for… 🙂

Now the party looms near and we are all getting excited to hang with some great family and friends and animals…haha. We are having his party at the Norfolk Zoo! It is a fantastic deal where all I need to do is bring the birthday boy and the cake. Let me say, I have big plans for this cake. We shall see…

It is very hard to believe that 4 years have gone by…it really is true what they say, time goes by fast when you have kids. I love and treasure my precious son. He is such a blessing to our family – he is handsome, a genius, and a sweetheart…I am not bias or anything. We LOOOVE “celebrating” with him on his special day during this special week!

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