4 / 52 : “Criss Cross”

This self portrait is of a funny quirk of mine. I discovered a while back when I am eating I sit cross-legged on the chair. I don’t do it on purpose, I guess I am just more comfortable. I have always been more comfortable sitting cross-legged in general. Of course, my subconscious takes over when my clothing is inappropriate for the sitting situation…thankfully.

4 / 52 : “Criss Cross”

I guess it is a bit strange, but it is definitely me. It is something I do at least three times a day. Every once in a while I will get a weird look when out at a restaurant, then I realize the way I am sitting again…haha. Oh well, a Mom who always has her two silly kids next to her trying to get them to eat deserves to be comfortable too, right?

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