Wednesday’s Word #13

This week’s word is one i am tired of hearing. It has kind of always haunted me throughout my life and it keeps popping up lately. It is a word I am truly wondering at the meaning of, or rather the use of:


adjective: coming or occurring far apart in time; unusual; uncommon

synonyms: sparse; infrequent (

There are other definitions of that word, but I am focusing on this particular meaning. This word, when used in this form, makes you stop and consider: something “rare,” something that does not happen everyday, something some people have never heard of, something special… This is a word I am not typically a fan of when used in certain topics.

There have been plenty of times in my life when I have heard: this is very unique, this is a rare condition, this typically only happens  to only one person a year, this happens to about 10% of people, it looks like this but that is very rare, don’t worry about it – this hardly ever happens, etc… So, I have begun to wonder…are things really as “rare” as they say, or is it really just me?

Here recently others around me have been struck by this word “rare.” If I keep hearing rare, I am going to begin thinking that things really aren’t so rare. Or are there just so many people in this world now that “rare” has a wider scope? Either way, I am ready to not hear “rare” anymore….and let’s just go with average, or a normal scale, or typical. Of course some of those words, depending on how they are used aren’t fun to hear either…

Soooo, let’s just pray for all of these words to have positive meanings this year…I’m good with that.

rare: unusually great; unusually excellent (

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  1. I have just started with a photo of the week that has a one word theme – I like the word of the week idea – interesting ponderings on the word rare! I work in the world of medication – we talk about rare in percentages – put it is so impersonal. While it may be rare, ie: less than 0.1% – if it happens to you – it really doesn’t feel that rare!
    Interesting post – thanks for sharing.


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