Wednesday’s Word #11

This week I went grocery shopping. Armed with a few coupons and my shopping list app I started off with an empty cart. As I checked things off my list and added items to the cart I noticed how little was in there and how high the price tag was getting. Sad. My word for this week is:


noun: Economics – a persistent, substantial rise in the general level of prices related to an increase in the volume of money and resulting in the loss of value of currency (

Now, I am not even going to pretend that I understand much about the economic system of America. That is a pathetic reality in and of itself, but I do understand how it effects my wallet. Almost every time I go to the store I have to adjust the prices on my shopping app…usually in the upward direction.

I am an organized shopper. I make my menu for the week, make my list, then go to the store and execute! (then it’s just hoping my picky eaters will eat my menu 😉 ) So it really upset me when I reached the check out line and looked down at my cart. It still looked pretty empty. I actually said out loud, “REALLY?” I couldn’t believe that was how far our dollars took us this week.

I really hadn’t noticed the “inflation” and how often the price changes on food items until I started using my shopping app. Since I add the prices in it I actually see them changing each time I go to the store. I find it very helpful and eye-opening. The price change that has made me the most upset is the one on my favorite food: peanut butter. A little while ago it was $3.50, then a couple of weeks ago it went up to $4…..when I just bought it this week, $4.30! Um….same jar, same stuff, but it is now almost a $1 more expensive. Annoying…especially when you are trying to provide for a family on a budget!

Anyway, here’s hoping this country can get it’s act together on it’s economics and help out us little people who just want to go to the grocery store and not have to spend more weekly on the same food!

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  1. Rachel H.

     /  January 22, 2012

    Peanut butter hurt too….economy’s not to blame for that one though, some storm wiped our our peanut crops and peanut butter is more expensive this year because there isn’t as much of it. I bought like 8 jars of it when I heard that and am using it so sparingly:)


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