Self Portrait Project

I have been inspired by a friend this past year to get back behind my camera and do a 52 Week Self Portrait Project. (Thank you Alisha 🙂 – check her out!) Last year was a bit crazy with moving, jobs, health issues, etc… so my time behind the lens was VERY lacking. It might be tough, but a little time of reflection and creativity with my camera will do me some good for this upcoming year. I will try and post my new self portrait at the end of each week. Since this is the end of the first week of January (already….can’t believe it) here is my first photo:

1 / 52 : “Winter”

I have been enjoying my first Winter season in Virginia. This week was our first real cold snap dipping down into the the 20’s and teens…it was then that we realized our thermostat wasn’t hooked up properly. That’s all fixed. It was back into the 50’s today which made for a lovely, early shopping day for me…I’m not into wearing tons of layers, I’d rather be a little cold! Ha Ha…

I never really experienced “winter” growing up in Florida and when I first moved Mid-Atlantic I didn’t really like it. Now, Winter’s chill is beginning to warm up on me – boots, scarves, hot drinks, BOOTS, sweaters….and dressing my kids in cute outerwear. I am liking the cold, just not the REALLY cold, which is why I am happy with our placement on the map. So, the first of 52 is complete with a season and a hope that this year will be a creative one!

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  1. Aww I’m happy to see your first selfie! 🙂

  2. have a great time being creative ! I will watch with interest.


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