Wednesday’s Word #10

New year, new name…back to the blog after a short break. The lovely Christmas break was not quite refreshing, it was very busy, but it was fun. So, my word for this week is:


noun: a set of instructions for making or preparing something, especially a food dish; a medical prescription; a method to attain a desired end, i.e. “a recipe for success” (

synonyms: ingredients, prescription, method, compound, technique, process, instructions, program (

This may seem like a strange word, but all of its descriptions are very appropriate for me this week.

First, I love recipes…I’m obsessed. I love finding good recipes, planning meals, trying new foods and combinations – then following the recipes to a “T”. I am not very good at varying from the “set of instructions” so I just make sure that it is going to taste great by sticking to what has been done before. 95% of the recipes I try come out great. I make sure they come from a reliable source! One of my favorite Christmas gifts I received was from my wonderful brother and sis-in-law: Taste of Home: Casseroles by: Reader’s Digest. Wow…love it. I am trying my first recipe out of the book tomorrow…then another one the next day, not going to lie – I am pretty excited. I will have to post some pictures if they come out good!

Second, the year of 2011 was a pretty rough medical year for my family. There were glasses and eye issues, unexpected surgeries and an incurable disease…in just my immediate family. Unfortunately doctors, hospitals and medical prescriptions  have become the norm for us. We are praying that 2012 is, what I am hoping to call, “a year of healing” for various reasons.

Third, we took a major vacation to visit my family in Florida and my husband attended a required conference for his doctorate degree program while down there. It took a major planning “process” to get us all there starting on Christmas day….we definitely prayed for a “recipe for success.” HA HA It all went as smoothly as it possibly could, even better at some points! Prayer works, especially for two very long car rides with two small children in the back seat to go very well! Now it is just finding a “method” to get back to normal after Christmas and a long vacation…

Food, doctors, travel success…that wraps up this week. Praying for 2012 to be a great one for everyone!


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