Word of the Week #9

My word for this week is one that has always amused me. It is a word that I run into a lot while out randomly in public places, minding my own business, enjoying the simple pleasures of society. Suddenly out of nowhere an unpleasant and somewhat comical presence fills the area, the presence of a:


noun: a bad-tempered, difficult, cantankerous person

synonyms: grouch, crank, bear, sourpuss, crosspatch (dictionary.com)

I am mainly speaking of those from the older generation. For instance, earlier this week I was standing in line and up from behind me I could hear the mumbling and grumbling of a ornery fellow. I just knew what I would see when I turned around: an older gentleman who looked like he was used to sharing his opinion freely with whoever was around. Like I said, it almost makes me smile when I see or hear a “curmudgeon” because they usually grumble for everyone to hear; as if we were all going to join in with their stubborn rantings.

Some are more arrogant when they mouth off loudly “under their breath” about a cashier that did not do things their way, or make comments about how the ice cream shop doesn’t have the right flavors. While others just make comments to make comments and see if they can gather a mutinous heard of followers.

One of the funniest parts of the whole experience is after a “curmudgeon” walks away from the situation. You always see people catching each other’s glances and rolling their eyes with a slight grin. Everyone knows when they’ve been hit by a “cantankerous person” and there is nothing to be done but smile and nod as they go on about their business.

So as you walk through society this week watch your back for that snippy voice – it will either sneak up from behind or slap you in the face. Maybe if you are feeling brave you might venture a smile, or even a comment back if the gripe is directed at you. From experience, your average “curmudgeon” is typically harmless, possibly slightly lonely and it might just make their day if you nod in agreement with them…just do so secretively lest you end up being included in the after eye roll… 😉

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