Story Time

Tonight we took the kids to a special story time at our local Barnes & Noble. It was Polar Express night with cookies and hot chocolate, as advertised on their website. It sounded like quite the to-do and some Christmas fun for us and the kids. Well, it wasn’t quite as advertised, but it was still fun.

The kids were ready….

The small stage was surrounded by cute faces waiting for a Christmas story and treats. Baby girl got a bit bored waiting, so Daddy took her for a walk. My little man was totally excited. Up to the stage strolls a man with a book and a woman with a tray of cookies. The man sat down and the woman began passing out the cookies.

Needless to say he enjoyed it.

As I watched him listen to this man read the story of The Polar Express, I couldn’t help but giggle. He was so animated and captivated by each sentence.

There was no hot chocolate, the man didn’t use a mic or show the kids the pictures after he finished reading the pages, and it probably was all of 10 minutes long. So, not the “to-do” but I was still really glad we did. My boy loves a good story!

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  1. Janet

     /  December 10, 2011

    That poor Barnes and Noble employee is obviously not trained in art of children’s story time reading. What’s a good story book without showing the pictures!


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