Word of the Week #8

It is that time of year again. The time where you look up to see dark skeletons against a gray sky. Where the bright, full colors have melted away to reveal empty arms and a cold openness to what had once felt so inviting. Within the still world of  simple branches and a floor of brown leaves there is something serene, something captivating, something:


adjective: the nature of or characteristic of dreams; visionary; vague; soothing, restful, quieting; given to daydreaming or reverie (dictionary.com)

synonyms: fanciful, idealistic, imaginary, intangible, lulling, marvelous, mythical, otherworldly, shadowy, soothing, whimsical (thesaurus.com)

Crunching footfalls resound through the lonely trunks; every sound is louder and more resonate than previous seasons. The whipping wind teases and chills. The onset of this blustery time at first seems forbidding and desolate, but as you stop and take in the barren landscape it begins to transform into something “imaginary”.

Everything is a world of neutrals, monotone grays and browns – a beautiful pallet that allows random and elusive color to pop in and out: a bright blue sky, deep green holly, or red berries. The visual contrasts bring something “fanciful” to an otherwise dreary time.

 There is something “soothing” to this silent season – to sipping your favorite hot drink while listening to nothing as the cold nips at your nose and attempts to reach your gloved fingers. Your mind opens a little wider, stretches a little farther and relaxes just slightly from allowing that bit of nothing into its ever hectic self. Everyone needs a little nothing now and again. Within that nothing is usually when the most somethings occur.

Do not dread the cold bite of winter, embrace its enchanting and “dreamy” qualities. Find stability in the shorter days and warmth on the cold nights. This season seems frail and weak, but it is actually the backbone of all the seasons – the one that shakes off the year and begins anew. It is the ashes that the warmer times rise from and the calm before the storm. Hope for a little snow. Enjoy a “marvelous” winter….

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