Word of the Week #6

Well, the word for this week might not be the usual word for this week, but for me it is quite appropriate. I love the holidays; I look forward to them as soon as they are over. I love planning them, cooking for them, spending time with family during them, and now especially with the kids, watching them get excited about them too. My word for this week is:


noun: realization in advance; foretaste; expectation or hope; previous notion (dictionary.com)

synonyms: awaiting, expectancy, foresight, impatience, looking forward, prospect, outlook, preconception (thesaurus.com)

Yes, the excitement that comes with anticipating the greatness that tomorrow will bring is sometimes overwhelming – particularly on a jumpy 3 year old who has been literally counting down the days. Tomorrow we pick up my brother and sister-in-law from the airport….have been ANTICIPATING that since they left last year! Tomorrow we make the drive after the airport to my in-laws for a fabulous close family feast. Tomorrow my kids (and us) get the blessing of having some of their favorite friends at the family feast. Tomorrow we make the drive back home after dinner and prepare for some crazy shopping. Tomorrow I will be up early and to bed very late since the stores decided to open at midnight. Tomorrow night I will be one tired Mommy, so my fellow shoppers better step aside and let me get my deals. HaHa Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am thankful.

This past Sunday at my church there was a very eye-opening message on thankfulness. Something I never really thought about: it is okay to not be thankful FOR everything that happens in our lives, but IN everything we give thanks. Through the bad and the good, God is there leading and guiding us and turning unfortunate situations into something that can be used by Him in our lives. It definitely made me stop and recognize things that I am not grateful for, but at the same time as I reflected I could only see that through those hard times God was pushing me to be stronger, closer and more like Him – it usually takes a push to move down an uneasy road.

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.”
Psalm 107:1

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving day tomorrow – remembering the things you are not thankful for and the many things you are….

Something I did not ANTICIPATE for today: both my kids being diagnosed with a bronchial infection and my 15 month old with a double ear infection also. Somehow they always plan their sickness out for special events….sheesh! On meds and sleeping….praying they will still enjoy their day tomorrow too.

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