Word of the Week #4

It has been another interesting week here in the ‘burg. As it always turns out, the best laid plans always have the opportunity to change and bad situations turn out alright in the end. The word for this week is:


adjective: made or done without previous preparation; suddenly or hastily prepared, made, etc.; improvised (dictionary.com)

synonyms: improv, spontaneous, unprepared, unscripted, spur-of-the-moment (thesaurus.com)

This definitely describes this week. Right after my word of “rest” last week it was anything but…. My daughter’s bedroom became inhabited by a very strange smell, a mysterious gas leak. We had workmen in and out of the house for 3 days trying to find out why only her room smelled like gas. On Friday evening after days of replacing the water heater and some gas tubing and fixing the furnace and cabinet and the fire department coming out to make sure we were not going to blow up…the right man with the right knowledge from the gas company came in and figured it out. There was a gas leak coming from some piping underground. So within a matter of a couple hours I had my family packed up for the weekend, cats taken care of and we were off for a tasty “unplanned” meal at Cracker Barrel and a late night, very welcomed arrival at my wonderful in-laws.

Even tonight, with a planned trip to one of our favorite places, Sweet F.R.O.G. (or “Yummy Frog” as my son calls it) with some good friends to an “impromptu” stop at the library on the way home…which makes my son’s night even better with some new books at bedtime. In most cases that I have experienced, something “spur-of-the-moment” is usually more fun, more memorable, and more exciting that something that has been planned for weeks or months. To tell you the truth, what happens when I plan everything out for a certain, exciting, very anticipated event – I usually get disappointed because I have had all the time for everything to go perfect and it usually does not.

It is a lesson I am always learning being the organized, planning, calendar, lists, notes person that I am – I need to always leave a little room for for moments of “spontaneity” that make things okay when everything I have planned changes or comes undone! 

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