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Last weekend our family had the pleasure of enjoying some time outdoors at a couple of local attractions. We recently moved to a truly amazing spot on the Mid-Atlantic coast, Williamsburg Virginia. It has a little bit of everything we were looking for in a place to call our home and we are having a blast getting to know the area.

Our first stop was the Virginia State Fair. We love a good fair – the crowds, the sights, the animals, the smells, the FOOD! It is one of the best places to people-watch. We saw all kinds – it is a place for strange humans to congregate…we fit right in…

We had some tasty pizza then wandered into the Commonwealth building where we lost my science teacher husband at the NOAA and VA4Wind informational tables for a while. Looked at a few crafts, some hide-n-seek behind a big tree by the concert stage, then around the big hill for some giant pumpkins.

I was fascinated by the immense size of these unbelievably heavy vegetables. This blue ribbon winner was 1019 pounds. Gardening has become a recent hobby of mine, but I don’t think my mini patio garden could handle such a prize winner. The kids favorite place was the animal tent. My son informed me that morning his new favorite animal was a cow, after getting up close and personal with this woolly guy he might just change his mind again.

The next day we went to one of our favorite places, Busch Gardens! We spent countless mornings there over the summer and loved every minute of it. It is a beautiful park with hills, trees, rivers, flowers and is separated into countries with large scale decor that transports you all over the world.

We were surprised to find out that our son is a ride-lover. He soon developed his favorites and would list off his plans on our short drive over. We have seen a lot of the Land of the Dragons and Sesame Street Forest this season.

He has the time of his life going on all the rides and now that he is a big boy…he wants to do it all by himself.

My sweet daughter and I cruise around while the boys ride their favorite rides. She loves relaxing in the stroller and munching on some snacks, but when you let her roam, there is no stopping her…

She is our little tank, fears nothing,  and has so much fun exploring everything she can get her hands or feet on!

This time the kids and I painted a little pottery at The Caribou Pottery shop. One of my favorite things to do at the park. All you do is walk in, pick your piece and have fun painting. They clean up, fire it and ship it to your house – fantastic deal.

We feel blessed to be surrounded by gorgeous weather, attractions, history and tons of family friendly things to do! More explorations to come…

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