Written Words

I love words! The written word is beautiful and essential. It is a requirement for a people group to be called a civilization. It is powerful. Words have the capacity to inspire, to cause change, to hurt, to show affection, to advertise – they allow for the acquisition of knowledge, and in my case, help me to cook. Every word is important. Even a small word can drastically alter the meaning of a sentence. Names are words; how you identify yourself is in essence a grouping of letters.

Unfortunately, the value of grouping letters together to make words is simply shapes on paper without the ability to understand them.  So, to state the obvious, words cannot be appreciated unless a comprehension of reading is taught. I love reading. Reading is a part of my most cherished memories. I treasured the times my mom would read to my brother and I in the backyard on a blanket when the weather cooled down or in front of the Christmas tree during the holiday season. As a kid, there was something special about seeing my mom sitting quietly, reading her Bible or a book she couldn’t put down; her passion for reading helped to instill that love in me. Now I have the honor of bestowing an adoration of the written word to my kids – who, at 3 and 1, already look forward to our story times and are constantly bringing me books to read them throughout the day.

A quote from my favorite history professor about the significance of passing on the love of words: “We are always one generation away from barbarianism.” If one generation chose not enforce the necessity of language the world would be a much different place.

I am an interesting reader. I am a slow reader. I read over every word, sometimes I reread sentences a few times to truly understand the author’s intent. I love fiction, fantasy and the occasional biography. I usually start one book before I am finished with another, so depending on my mood, I always have something to read. As of right now I am in the middle of Decision Points by: George W. Bush and Arthur by: Stephen R. Lawhead on my Nook and Mr. Darcy’s Daughters by: Elizabeth Aston from our wonderful local library. The variety of genres keeps me interested.

As I was writing this I remembered an appropriate theme song. If you are of my generation you should be able to fill in the blanks… “Butterfly in the sky. I can go twice as high. Take a look. It’s in a book. A _______ _______.”

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  1. reading rainbooooooooow…i’ve read like 20 books since i’ve been in the city…all fiction too, which is odd for me. as long as its not snooki’s biography or a romance novel, i am in…


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