There is something to be said for quiet. The low hum of a refrigerator running, the stir of the air conditioner starting then a lulling of the white noise it creates, a clock gently ticking, an airplane whirling far overhead, the resting purr of a sleeping cat, faint chatter from down the hall as my son has his quiet time – all of these sounds make up my quiet. In this bustling world I live in,  my “quiet” is usually short-lived, therefore it is a treasure. I have learned that sometimes too much of a good or desired thing often gets taken for granted and sometimes then despised.

There is something to be said for commotion. Toys crashing together, squeals from happy children, growls from angry children, pots and pans clanging in the kitchen, phone ringing, cats tearing through the room chasing a ball, Old MacDonald Had a Farm blaring from a treasured possession, a movie playing – all of these sounds make up my commotion. I love the sound of my commotion, at its heart it is life – it is the people and places I cherish bubbling over with plans and purpose. I have learned that too easily the day to day rhythm can drown out true desires and all the “meant-to-do’s” become the “never-do’s”.

What needs to be said is balance. There needs to be the quiet and the commotion in proportions equal to what makes each family work. Life cannot exist without proper balance – it is everywhere and in everything. It is right there, “in the beginning” where God separated the light from the darkness giving us day, and balancing it with night (Gen.1:4&5). There is cold and hot, happy and sad, smooth and rough, discipline and mercy, etc…too much of one or the other and the scales of equality tip in an unpleasant direction. There are always consequences to an unbalanced scale.

Balance in my everyday life is not easily achieved. I have definitely felt the consequences of too much quiet and too much commotion. I believe God allows us to fall victim to our own silly desires so when He helps pick us back up, we have a better understanding of what we actually want and can move forward once again toward an equally measured life.

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  1. Good post there. Keep up the good work.


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